Put Your Dad To Sleep For Father’s Day

Dads need support too! For Father’s Day, give your Dad the gift of supportive, restful sleep. We at Mattress Man Storesrecommend the HD Super Duty collection of mattresses. They provide unyielding support with the industry’s strongest coil unit. The comfort layers are made from dense and durable cushioning, and the warranty is an unparalleled 20 year, non-prorated term. When your dad wakes up after sleeping on one, he’ll thank you. Below are examples of how this gift of an HD Super Duty mattress will be the greatest gift you can give your discerning father.

The “Techie” Father

You will finally be able to talk specs with your father. Mention that “the 12 ½ gauge coil unit is the strongest available” and that it is “heat tempered for strength.” “The HD coil unit isn’t electrostatic tempered like the other guy’s coil” might be a nice follow up comment. Tell your father that the HD mattress “uses eight pound gel and poly foams” and assume that he’ll know that the cushioning will ensure pressure relieving comfort for the life of the mattress. You might also add, “18 slat Amish wood foundations come with this set, Dad. That’s double the support you’ll find in any other foundation.” If your father is as savvy as you think, don’t call it a box spring. Don’t trip over semantics, though. If he mentions a “box spring,” go with it.

The “Patriot” Father

Dad will be impressed with your ability to find a Made in USA Certified mattress set that is built like he would want. The components are sourced in the US. The mattress is designed here. The craftsman labor is carried about by…you guessed it, American craftsman. Hand-crafted mattresses might be old-fashioned; your Dad might be old-fashioned. That isn’t always a bad thing.

The “Deal Hunter” Father

The hunt for the best mattress would drain him. Save him from this.

With a warranty that spans a full 20 years, the value of the HD Super Duty is unparalleled. The cost for a queen set is as low as 16 cents a night. Your father might think to himself that he “taught you well.” You might say to yourself, “I got the most durable mattress on the market at the best price of the year.” You’d both be right.

The “Free Sprit” Father

We all have strange dreams from time to time.

The comfort layers of natural silk and wool will put him at ease. If he is worried about flame retardant chemicals, there are none to be found in the HD Super Duty mattress. To that end, all models at Mattress Man Superstores are free of flame retardant chemicals. Our models use rayon (made from bamboo) and silica to ensure both fire safety and long term respiratory health. Some HD models come with natural latex support layers. The foams are CERTIPUR-US© Certified. If you would classify your father as “granola” or “free range,” please refer to our Nature’s Spa line of mattresses.

The “Mr. Fix It” Father

Mattress Man reminds you that the use of power tools on a mattress will void the warranty.

Although your handyman father may pride himself on being able to rig an inferior mattress to last a few years longer, why would you let him? Give him a mattress that is built right and let him fix his house. Better yet, have him build a house for you. After sleeping on an HD Super Duty mattress, he’ll be rested and will have one less thing to deter him from building your dream house.

Put It (And Him) To Rest

You have undoubtedly cost the Dad in your life quite a lot of sleep in the last twenty years. For Father’s Day, why not ensure that he is rested for the next twenty? Stop by one of Mattress Man Stores’ locations and show the father in your life the most supportive, durable mattress on the market.

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