How to Choose a Good Mattress: Your Bed Buying Guide

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Buying a new mattress is exciting, but we recognize that it can be daunting too. Our quick bed buying guide will give you a head start on what you should be thinking about as you test out and decide on the right mattress. 

Selecting the right mattress size

When choosing between a full, queen, or king size mattress, you’ll have a number of lifestyle considerations to factor into your decision. For example, what size is your bedroom? How long do you think you’ll stay in your current home or apartment, and where might you go next? 

Do you live alone or with a partner? If you live with a partner, they’ll want to have a say in the mattress decision! Do you have pets or children? If you and your family all like to pile into bed together for movie nights on the weekend, you likely need a king size mattress. 

But, you say, how do I know what’s going to happen in the next five years!? You don’t, of course. None of us do. But we make the best decision we can with the information we have available at the time. So don’t let these questions stress you out. Make the best decision for your current lifestyle and home. 

Picking a mattress that suits your sleep style

When you’re looking at buying a new mattress, the most important aspect of making a good decision is having some understanding of what you like and how you sleep. So think about the pros and cons of your current bed. Think about hotel beds or guest beds you’ve slept on. What did you like about those mattresses and how did you feel in the morning when you woke up?

For back sleepers, a firmer mattress is typically more desirable. Side and stomach sleepers often prefer a softer mattress, or at least a softer top layer. Pillows also make a big difference in how well you sleep on a given mattress in your preferred sleep position, so don’t neglect a pillow update when you buy a new bed. 

Memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses all have advantages. It’s absolutely worth trying them out in-store to decide which type suits you best.  

Paying attention to underlying health conditions

Your sleep (or lack of sleep) has a big impact on your overall health. And certain health conditions can perpetuate the vicious cycle of not sleeping well. So make sure to take things like snoring, sleep apnea, allergies, and acid reflux into consideration when buying a new bed. Some of those conditions can be better managed by using an adjustable foundation and raising the head of your bed. 

If you suffer from back pain or other muscle or joint-related pain, make sure that you keep in mind the style of mattress that doesn’t exacerbate your symptoms. For example, a firm mattress with a foam top might help relieve back pain for a back sleeper. 

Making the investment 

When you’ve thought through the questions above, you’re ready to make a decision about buying a new mattress. But we always recommend talking to the pros first. Come by a Mattress Man store to get advice from our sleep experts based on what you want and need in a new bed. You’ll also get the chance to try before you buy, which is important with something you’ll be spending so much time in — about ⅓ of your day! 

This is also a good time to make sure the mattress you’re interested in has a simple delivery solution and a good warranty. Our 5-star delivery service provides a convenient one-hour delivery window, and our 120-day comfort guarantee will leave you feeling confident about your new mattress. 

Matt Dills