Make Your Guests Happy with the Right Guest Mattress.

The best guest bed is one that you’d enjoy sleeping on if you were a guest at someone else’s house. And by that, we don’t mean that the bed perfectly conforms to what you personally find comfortable. We mean that it’s a nice mattress (more on that in a minute) and that it suits the visitors you generally have staying with you.

It might be tempting to dump your old — and let’s face it, kind of worn out — mattress in your guest bedroom. But remember the Golden Rule here. Do unto others, mattress-wise, as you would want them to do unto you.

A quality mattress

So what do we mean by a nice mattress? Well, ask yourself if you would want to sleep on it. Is it comfortable and supportive? If the mattress is more than ten years old, it’s probably time to get rid of it entirely. If you’ve demoted an old mattress, think about the wear and tear it has endured over the years. If it’s been through a few spills or accidents, the foam or other mattress material is probably degrading. If the mattress was never turned or flipped, it might have a few grooves in it. And your guests probably won’t feel so comfortable stuck in your old sleeping position — at least not for more than one night.

If you’re unsure, ask friends and family for mattress feedback. “How was the bed? Be honest. We’re deciding whether or not to buy a new mattress for the guest room,” is a good way to ask. Family members will often shoot pretty straight about this sort of thing. Especially if they’re regular guests.

A mattress that suits your visitors

You might have pretty regular visitors: a sibling, your parents, or your old friend from college who comes into town on business. If so, take them into consideration when picking a bed for your guest room. If you have the space and couples are regular guests, set them up with a queen or a king size bed.

If you don’t have that kind of space, consider a daybed in an office or spare room. Some daybeds come with a trundle that pulls out and gives you two single mattresses. And while a single bed might be small, it’s more comfortable than an air mattress.

Don’t forget the extras

While you’re thinking about the guest bed, make sure to add a few good pillows, soft sheets, and a mattress protector. At this rate, your guests might want to stay an extra night or two!

Mattress Man