The Perfect Mattress Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

While a new mattress is an investment in your sleep and, ultimately, your overall health, it shouldn’t be a purchase that stresses you out by putting you under financial strain. The whole point of a new bed is to sleep better, right? That’s why we offer a variety of mattresses at a broad range of price points. Here are few ways to get the best mattress you can afford.

1. Set your budget and then talk to our expert sleep consultants.

The experts at Mattress Man have an in-depth knowledge of all our mattress inventory. And our priority is to help you find a mattress you love at a price you can afford. None of our staff work on commission, so you can feel confident that we’ll help you find the best affordable mattress.

2. Don’t fear that the cheapest mattress means low quality.

We understand that sometimes you need the best cheap queen or king mattress you can get. And we don’t carry low quality mattresses in our stores, so you don’t have to worry that a low cost mattress will fall apart in a year. You may have to trade newer technology or advanced bells and whistles to get a cheaper mattress, but at Mattress Man, you won’t ever have to give up quality.

3. Buy a queen mattress instead of a king.

Consider buying a queen mattress instead of a king. A queen mattress costs less and can still sleep two people comfortably. While it may not accommodate a couple, plus the family pet, plus an occasional kiddo or two, a queen mattress definitely offers enough space for one to two people.

4. Forego the headboard for a while.

If you’re not ready to buy an entire bed — the mattress and headboard — start with a good mattress and a simple frame. You can always add art or shelves to the wall above your bed in lieu of a headboard for a while. When you’re ready to buy the rest of your bed, get the headboard you want to complete your set.

5. Check our latest specials and financing options.

Be on the lookout for our specials and promotions. We also offer a variety of financing options and a layaway plan. You can put a mattress on layaway with only 25% down and 60 days to pay the balance before delivery.

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