Find the Best Bed and Pillow for Side-Sleepers.

Are you a side sleeper? Even if you aren’t naturally inclined to sleep on your side, there are certain circumstances in which side-sleeping is the position of choice! Pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their side, especially after the first trimester. People who are trying to manage snoring are also advised to try a side-sleeping position, as it can help keep the mouth closed and prevent the tongue from falling into the back of the mouth and blocking the airway. Whether you simply like sleeping on your side or you’re trying to get a better night’s sleep, here are our recommendations on the best mattresses and pillows for side sleepers.

A soft but supportive mattress

If you like sleeping on your side, you understand that some discomfort can come with that sleeping position if your mattress is too firm. Since quite a bit of pressure is concentrated on your hip and shoulder, a supportive mattress that has a little bit of give is helpful. Foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses (a traditional spring mattress with a foam top) offer a good blend of support and comfort. Try our Biltmore Hybrid mattress from the Restonic Biltmore Collection or our Reverie DreamCell™ mattress.

A way to prop yourself up

Side sleepers generally need a good way to prop themselves up for extra comfort. Pregnant women, at late stages of pregnancy, might experience shortness of breath, and propping up on pillows can help relieve that. Extra pillows and an elevated head position can also help snorers. Mattress technology has evolved enough now that you can buy an adjustable base that hinges to allow the head and foot of the bed to incline, giving you a wide variety of sleeping positions.

Pillows for support

If you sleep on your side, you need a supportive pillow that will help your spine stay in alignment. If you sleep on your side all night, you’ll probably need a higher and firmer pillow to fill the space between your ear and the mattress.

Many side sleepers find relief in their hip and knee joints by placing a pillow between their knees. Another good way to stabilize your body during the night is to hug a traditional pillow or sleep with a body pillow. This is especially useful for pregnant women.

If you’re a side sleeper in search of a more comfortable night’s sleep, come talk to us! We’ll show you which mattresses are best for the way you sleep, and you can test them out at any of our Mattress Man locations.

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