Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable, we’ve got tough news. It probably won’t work. Not in the long-term at least. The most likely scenario is that your mattress’ support system is no longer functioning as it should, and you need a new mattress. Bummer, we know. But your back will be thankful for the frank talk.

A mattress topper is likely a bandaid for a worn out mattress

A lot of people try to put toppers on beds that have already lost support. But at that point, the foundation is compromised, and a foam pad isn’t really going to improve your situation. Your sleep is a precious input to your overall health. So if you wake up with back pain, a stiff neck, or numbness in any of your joints or limbs, a mattress topper would simply be a bandaid for the real issue at hand: a bad mattress.

Situations when a foam mattress topper is actually a good idea
All that said, there are a few scenarios in which a mattress topper will improve your situation:

  1. You have a new mattress and you’re stuck with it. If you purchased a brand new mattress from a store other than Mattress Man, but it’s too firm, a topper could improve that situation. Fortunately, if you purchased a mattress from Mattress Man, you aren’t stuck with a mattress you don’t like, thanks to our 120-Day Comfort Guarantee.

  2. You’ve got a sofa bed. If you have occasional houseguests and they sleep on a pull-out sofa bed, a mattress topper could also improve that situation. Sofa beds, even though they’ve improved drastically in recent years, are still pretty basic as far as mattresses go. And most of the time, they’re just not that comfortable. So do your guests a favor and add a memory foam mattress topper to that sofa bed. It’ll make their stay more pleasant, which will benefit all of you in the long run!

  3. You’re a long-term guest. If you’re staying with friends or relatives for a prolonged period of time, and their guest bed mattress just doesn’t work for you, the most economical avenue is to buy a mattress topper and try to make the most of the bed while you’re sleeping in it. Of course, you might point them to Mattress Man if they inquire about the comfort of the bed. If that’s not an option, add that memory foam pad and make sure your mattress at home is something you really look forward to getting back to.

If you’re dealing with the former uh-oh-my-mattress-needs-an-upgrade situation, we’re here to help. Talk to our expert sleep consultants, and we’ll help you diagnose the problem with your current mattress and get you onto a mattress you’ll love.

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