The Best Winter Bedding

The weather outside may be frightful, but colder temperatures give you an opportunity to make your bedroom the most delightful place in your house. Plus, from cozy sheets and classic down comforters to the latest temperature-regulating mattress technology, we’ve got you set for the winter.

How cooler temperatures might improve your sleep

The optimal room temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your body temperature drops to initiate sleep, and it’s much easier to facilitate that in the winter months by turning the heat down about an hour before bed.

Winter days are also shorter, so as it starts getting dark earlier, you might find it easier to wind down at night and get into bed earlier.

The best bedding for cooler temperatures

There’s nothing like curling up under soft sheets, warm blankets and fluffy down comforters. The right winter bedding can make or break your sleep experience November through February. Treat yourself to a set of soft flannel sheets — no, not the scratchy flannel you remember from childhood! The modern upgrade on flannel strikes the right balance between softness, warmth and durability. Some flannel sheets are even breathable enough for year-round use.

Down comforters like this one provide warmth without making you feel clammy or overheated. Box-stitching gives the comforter consistent loft and breathability. And since down comforters never go out of style, you can rotate duvet covers depending on the time of year, opting for heavier fabric during the winter and lighter fabric (or no duvet) in the summer.

The best mattresses for temperature regulation

Waking up hot is a common — and unwelcome — sleep problem. So, today’s mattresses are constructed with temperature regulation in mind.

Mattresses made with natural silk, wool and cashmere fibers wick away moisture and help regulate temperature. They’re a great foundation for a cozy night’s sleep that won’t leave you waking up sweaty.

Other mattress technology, like CarbonCool’s smart phase change material won’t feel cold if your skin temperature is below 87 degrees. If your skin temperature rises above 91 degrees, the mattress material changes phases and pulls heat away from your body.

Make this your coziest season yet. Check out our winter bedding options online, and if you’re curious about mattress technology that keeps you comfortable all winter and summer, come by a Mattress Man store and test it out for yourself.

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