Hybrid Mattresses 101

Maybe you’ve exclusively slept on a foam mattress for the past ten years, or perhaps you’ve gone the more traditional route and stuck to the trusty innerspring-style mattress you grew up with. A hybrid mattress is simply the best of both worlds: various foam technologies combined with the stabilizing power of springs or coils.

What does a hybrid mattress do?

A hybrid mattress gives you the pressure point relief often found in foam or latex, coupled with the traditional — some might say “bouncier” — feel of an innerspring mattress. Compared to a foam mattress, a hybrid mattress will generally give you a more buoyant feeling.

But don’t many innerspring mattresses also use foam in their toppers? Yes, they do. So what’s the difference? A hybrid mattress is typically constructed with more layers of memory foam, instead of the traditional fiber materials used in innerspring mattress construction. Additionally, most (but not all) hybrid mattresses have a flat surface, not a quilted (or tufted), fabric top.

Who is a hybrid mattress for?

A hybrid mattress will suit any sleeper — side, back, or stomach — and hybrids come in a range of feels, from soft to firm. A hybrid mattress is a great compromise for couples who gravitate toward opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to bed preferences. If one partner is used to the cradling feel of memory foam and the other prefers the “bounce” of an innerspring, a hybrid mattress is a great way to meet in the middle.

Here are a few examples of our best-loved hybrid mattresses:

Wellsville Gel Hybrid
Our Wellsville Gel Hybrid mattress uses foam-encased pocketed coils, which quickly conform to body weight and position. The durable coils also prevent mattress sagging and ensure long-lasting comfort.

Hypnos Laurel
If you’re looking for luxury, this Hypnos Laurel mattress uses resilient, natural latex that creates a plush feel and conforms instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. By design, this mattress distributes weight evenly, reducing the pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

Biltmore Meadow Trail
The Biltmore Meadow Trail mattress features a zoned coil system, where coils work independently to create less motion between partners and a foam encasement that creates a comfortable edge around the entire mattress, so you can sleep all the way to the edge.

How do you know if a hybrid mattress is right for you?

The key to finding the right mattress for your body and sleep style is to try a variety of beds out. We always encourage bed buyers to come to one of our stores to test out the different types of beds. If you’ve spent a great night in a hotel room or visiting a friend or family member, ask what type of bed they had. Understanding the difference you feel in your body when you sleep on each style of mattress will help you make a good choice when it comes time to upgrade your bed.

Mattress Man