What is a Luxury Mattress?

New year, new you? If you made a resolution to get more sleep, get better sleep, or just wake up more rested, you might be on the market for a new mattress. And you’ve probably already thought about a few important decisions — king or California king, soft or firm, memory foam or innerspring. So for now, let’s talk luxury.

What makes a mattress luxury?

What makes a mattress worthy of the title luxury? First of all, luxury mattresses are carefully crafted with high-end materials. Second, luxury mattresses are built to last. And while luxury mattresses are often more expensive than your standard, mass-manufactured mattresses, at Mattress Man, we’ve carefully selected our mattress collections with comfort, durability, and value in mind. We carry brands that you won’t be able to find at other mattress retailers at a range of price points.

The Restonic Biltmore Reserve Collection, for example, features the Biltmore Microcoil Mattresses, inspired by Biltmore’s long-standing tradition of peaceful relaxation. Two self-encased coil systems provide conforming support and pressure point relief, plus a patented gel technology gently moves heat away from your body for a temperature-controlled micro-climate that keeps you comfortable all night long.

Chattam and Wells — the first California-born luxury mattresses — are still made in the USA. These mattresses feature hand-tufting, which prevents materials from migrating or bunching and provides a distinct feel while increasing the longevity of the mattress. And tiny nano coils add a buoyant layer near the surface of the mattress, which provides delicate contouring to cradle your body as your rest.

Mattress Man also carries Hypnos mattresses —sustainably-designed, eco-friendly, and tailor-made. Hypnos Mattresses are found in yachts, palaces and luxury hotels all over the world. In fact, Hypnos holds a Royal Warrant, making them the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal Family’s residences, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

A luxury base for a luxury mattress

There’s no better way to elevate your mattress than to literally elevate it. Yes, we’re talking about adjustable foundations that give you everything you ever wanted in a bed. You’d like to elevate the head and foot of your bed? No problem. And we’re just getting started. Customize your sleep experience with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, alarm options that allow you to select a time and preset position for a gentle morning wake up, a massage feature with varying intensities, charging ports located on the base, and under-bed LED nightlights. How’s that for luxury?

How to buy the right luxury mattress for you

A luxury mattress is only great if it suits your needs and sleep preferences. So, don’t make the investment in a high-end mattress without testing it out first. Do yourself a favor and talk to one of the sleep experts at any of our Mattress Man locations and learn more about what makes each of our mattresses work (or not) for you. Our five-star delivery service provides a convenient one-hour delivery window, and we’ll remove your old mattress and any packing materials for you. Plus we offer a 120-day comfort guarantee.

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