Five Ways to Style Your Headboard

Feeling like your bedroom could use an update? Maybe you’ve got a mattress and foundation that you love, but you’re feeling the need for a style reset. If you’re out of ideas on that front, we’re showing you five simple ways to style your headboard and give your bedroom a whole new look.

1. Hang a rug

If you have a beautiful antique rug that you just can’t bear to walk all over (or let your pets walk all over), here’s your chance! Using a vintage rug as a headboard is a perfect way to showcase an antique find or a family heirloom that you want to display without the daily risk of mud, spills, or claws. You can either hang a rug directly on the wall and use it in lieu of a headboard, or you could hang a rug over a simple wood or metal frame. And of course, any rug with a pattern you like will do — it doesn’t have to be vintage. You can use pretty much any tapestry you like in this way.

2. Paint your wall to match your headboard or reupholster your headboard to match your paint

Achieve a dramatic effect by going monochrome. Paint your wall a bold color to match the fabric of your headboard, and then leave the wall empty. Or, if you’ve got a headboard that needs some love, go the opposite route. Find a paint color that speaks to you, and then find fabric to match. Reupholster the headboard et voila. Choose a contrasting color for your bedding, and add one more pop of color in a piece of furniture or bright plant.

Fabric headboard the same color as the wall

3. Shelve it

This is a great trick because if you don’t have a headboard, you can hang shelves a little lower in place of a headboard. If you do have a headboard, you can hang a shelf above that, higher on your wall, and get away with displaying smaller art and other objects.


4. Hang a gallery wall

This is a good place for a gallery wall. Often, it’s difficult to find a single piece of art to hang over a bed — especially a king size mattress — because the width of a bed frame requires a pretty large piece of art to work, scale-wise. So instead of searching high and low for one big painting, put together a variety of art and photos that you’d like to display and hang them together. This is also a nice way to give your bedroom a personal touch.


5. Wallpaper the accent wall

If your headboard is a simple metal or wood frame, a bold wall of wallpaper behind your bed will add a ton of character to your bedroom. If you’re feeling brave, choose a big pattern. Pull colors from the accent wall into your bedding and pillows.


If you need more than just a style refresh and you’re looking for a sleep makeover, you’ve found the right place. Come talk to our sleep experts and we’ll find you a mattress that sets you up for a good night’s sleep every night.

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