How Often Should I Flip My Mattress

Photo of a couple flipping a gray mattress, woman is wearing a striped blouse. man wearing black shirt.

Mattress care is an important part of enjoying your bed for a long time to come. You know you should use a mattress protector, and we’ve talked about how to clean your mattress. But what about flipping your mattress? Well, it depends! Read on for details about when to flip and when to rotate.

How often should I flip my mattress?

If you have a two-sided mattress, you should flip it every six months to one year. How do you know if you have a two-sided mattress? Well, first, when you buy your mattress, this should be a topic of discussion: mattress care and maintenance. But if that happened long ago and you don’t remember what the instructions were, you can take a look at the underside of your mattress. It will likely be pretty obvious whether or not that side was made for sleeping. Mattresses with foam tops and pillow tops are typically one-sided mattresses and do not need to be flipped. (Believe us, you don’t want to sleep on the other side.)

What if I have a one-sided mattress?

If you have a one-sided mattress, you don’t need to flip it end-over-end, but you will want to rotate it front to back. So, every six months to one year, you’ll rotate the head of your mattress so that it becomes the foot of your mattress. That way, you’ll get even wear on both sides of the mattress, and by doing that, you can extend the life (and comfort) of your bed. One exception to this is a zoned mattress, or a mattress that has specific support structures — foam layers or other features — in place for a given sleeping position on the mattress.

Should I flip and rotate my mattress?

If you have a double-sided or two-sided mattress, you can both flip and rotate your mattress. That can get a little tricky, in terms of remembering if you last flipped or rotated, so try to do both at once in order to actually get the even wear you’re going for in the first place.

How can I possibly remember when to flip or rotate?

Ah, the tricky part! How in the world can you remember when you last flipped or rotated your mattress, so you can consistently make the adjustment? Remember, the consistent flipping or rotating is what gives you even wear, so you do want to try to flip or rotate in even intervals. We suggest using your calendar for this one and timing it with some other household chore you perform yearly or bi-yearly. It could be setting the clocks back or something like spring cleaning.

And while you have your mattress protector off, make sure to give your mattress a thorough cleaning with a vacuum attachment on both sides.

Flipping my mattress is no longer doing the trick

If flipping or rotating your mattress isn’t working to anymore, i.e., your bed is worn out and no amount of rotation is going to help that, it’s time to shop for a new bed. Think about what you liked about your old mattress, and then come talk to the sleep experts at your local Mattress Man store!

Matt Dills