Our Best Selling Mattresses of 2022

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Everyone loves a best seller. When a household good like a mattress is consistently flying off the proverbial shelves, it often points to the item’s popularity, quality, and value. So, allow us to introduce some of Mattress Man’s top selling mattresses of 2022.


Serta mattresses provide our customers with great value and reliable comfort again and again. The two-sided Presidential Suite line gives you double the nights with double side construction.

Serta’s Meadow Brook Euro Top mattress from the Blissful Excellence™ series is the perfect euro top. It’s soft, yet supportive with more than 800 individually wrapped coils.


Wellsville mattresses provide exceptional pressure relief, temperature control, and support. And they do it with minimal bounce. Layers of gel memory foam hug your body to relieve pressure points and keep you cool. And the all-foam models offer complete motion separation between you and your bed partner, so different sleep schedules don’t need to cause sleeplessness or discord any longer.

Wellsville’s hybrid models offer enhanced pressure point relief and make it easier to move across the surface of the mattress when you change positions or get out of bed at night. Gel infused comfort layers plus high-loft double jacquard covers ensure a cool night’s sleep.


Restonic mattresses are made for comfort, and the plush models are always some of Mattress Man’s top sellers. If you like a soft feel to your mattress, this could be the perfect line for you.

Best selling mattress type of 2022

Our best selling mattress style in 2022 has been hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses offer you the best of both worlds: they’re easier to move around on than all foam, but they give you more pressure point relief than traditional spring mattresses.

Why customers are buying new mattresses in 2022

Most often, customers come to Mattress Man looking for a new bed because they’re feeling a loss of comfort or a loss of support with their current mattress. Another common reason for buying a new bed is the desire to upgrade and get a little more space, either for a partner or a pet!

If you’re feeling less supported or comfortable in your bed and it’s affecting your sleep, talk to the sleep experts at one of our stores or swing by to test out some of 2022’s best selling mattresses.

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