The Ins and Outs of Adjustable Foundations

We often talk about the strides made in mattress technology over the last decade: gel foam that helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep, natural fibers that wick away moisture, and a wide variety of options when it comes to mattress type. But the innovations in mattress customization made possible by adjustable foundations are even more exciting. If you’ve ever wondered just how comfortable your bed can get, buckle up.

Types of adjustable foundations

The main point of an adjustable foundation is to have the option to incline your head and/or your feet. Some foundations only incline at the head of the bed, but many models allow you to raise the head of the bed and the foot of the bed independently, so you can choose the right position for any given situation.

Split models allow you and your bed partner to move independently of each other. So, if you’d like your side of the bed completely reclined, but your partner wants to sit up and read, you can make that happen.

We carry adjustable beds in every size (even California king), and you can shop by size online.

Mattresses that work with adjustable foundations

Most of our adjustable foundations  are compatible with a range of mattresses, both foam and innerspring. However, some innerspring mattresses with border wire won’t work with an adjustable base. It’s a good idea to buy your mattress and your adjustable bed at the same time to make sure they’re a perfect match. We’ll help you select a mattress that’s the right fit for your new foundation.

Benefits of adjustable foundations

More features are available on adjustable beds than in standard mattresses, so this is where you can really customize your sleep experience.

Some adjustable beds offer custom or adjustable legs, so you have the opportunity to personalize the base to the style of your bedroom. Other adjustable bases offer sleek base designs. And If you want to transform your bedroom into a spa-like retreat, opt for models with full-body massage functions to help you relax.

You can also find adjustable foundations with features like built-in USB charging ports, wireless remote controls, and alarm options that allow you to select a time at which you’re gently raised to a preset position every morning! You can shop adjustable foundations by feature online.

How to buy an adjustable foundation

It’s a good idea to test out an adjustable foundation before you make a purchase. If you share your bed, both partners should agree on the type of base. If you have different ideas of a comfortable night’s sleep, consider split adjustable foundations so you can position yourselves independently of each other.

Again, purchase your mattress and adjustable foundation together so you get a great fit between mattress and base. And choose the features that will work best in your home. For example, if you wake up or go to bed at a different time than your partner, something like under bed lighting is a great option.

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