Makeover Your Bedroom with Stylish Bedding

Are you feeling bored with your bedroom? After a year of spending a lot of time at home and maybe even working from (or hiding out in) the bedroom, many people want to scratch the itch to upgrade their space. But a complete bedroom renovation or redecoration may not be in your budget. So, in addition to re-styling your headboard, another easy way to freshen up your bedroom is to spring for new bedding.

Upgrade your bedroom style with a new set of bed sheets

It sounds pretty simple, and it is! New bedding can make your room look and feel refreshed. And new bed sheets can certainly give you another reason to get back to work on your sleep hygiene and slide into bed at night without even a glance at your phone. (Okay, so new sheets aren’t that magical, but here’s to high hopes.)

Try sheets in colors that complement your bedroom decor or your comforter, duvet, or quilt. These silky soft sheets are 100% rayon from bamboo, hypoallergenic, and odor resistant, and they come in a variety of soft hues.

Be bold and go monochrome

If you’re looking for a bolder style, buy sheets and a headboard in a color like gray or blue and paint your walls to match. A monochrome bedroom can be a great place to wind down at the end of the day, relax, and get ready for eight hours of sleep. We can dream, anyway.

Go for that clean, ultra luxury hotel look

One of our favorite ways to get that permanent vacation feeling in your bedroom is to recreate a luxury hotel atmosphere. Stark white sheets, like this supima cotton breathable, pill resistant, extra soft king set, paired with a fluffy white down (or down alternative) comforter will never go out of style.

And if luxury is what you’re looking for, add an adjustable foundation to your mattress. Adjustable beds offer features from basic preset positions to variable speed massage and under-bed LED lights.

Set yourself up for sleep

No matter how you design your bedroom, the most important criteria is that it sets you up for a good night’s sleep. Make sure you have the right mattress, a foundation that works for you, and sheets that keep you cool all night. If you have any questions about getting a mattress that suits your sleep style, you know where to find us. Our sleep experts are happy to help you any time.

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